Economic Decoupling

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China's Premier: "De-risking" Violates WTO Principles

At several recent events, Chinese Premier Li Qiang criticized efforts to reduce dependence on China and the "de-risking" strategy put forward by some Western governments.

Gina Raimondo Comments on U.S.-China Trade Competition, Cooperation, and Decoupling

During a recent interview, the head of the Biden administration’s Commerce Department emphasized the importance of commercial engagement with China. At the same time, while decoupling with China is not "an option," she said that the United States will not shy away from confrontation when needed. In

Two New Reports on Decoupling

Two new reports on economic “decoupling” between the United and China have just been released. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has issued a report [] entitled “Understanding U.S.-China Decoupling” that warns of the economic
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