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As Industry Presses for Action, European Parliament Debates Competition with Chinese Solar Imports

The European solar manufacturing industry is pushing for relief from competition with Chinese producers, and European policymakers are discussing a response. This debate recalls a similar one from around ten years ago.

EU Parliament Meeting Discusses China Trade, Investment Issues

At a European Parliament International Trade Committee meeting held yesterday and today, members of Parliament discussed various China trade and investment issues with representatives of the European Commission.

EU Forced Labor Regulation Moves Forward, Likely Impact on China

The European Union's efforts to adopt a regulation on forced labor are progressing, as Parliament has moved the regulation forward, but finalizing the regulation could stretch into next year.

European Parliament Meeting Discusses EU-China Trade Relations

At the European Parliament this week, members of Parliament had questions for Executive Vice President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis on topics such as de-risking, Chinese legislation related to security, Chinese investments in Europe, Chinese restrictions on exports of gallium and germanium, and human rights issues.

EU Parliament Meeting Discusses Taiwan Trade and Investment; Path Ahead Unclear

At a European Parliament Committee on International Trade meeting last week, political and business leaders continued to struggle with finding a way forward on formalizing trade and investment relations between the EU and Taiwan.

European Parliament Committee Weighs In on Chinese Influence on Critical Infrastructure

The European Parliament's Committee on International Trade recently released a draft opinion on the security and defense implications of China’s influence on critical infrastructure in the European Union.

EU Parliament Hearing Discusses New "Economic Security Strategy"

At a European Parliament Committee on International Trade meeting today, representatives of the European Commission and the European External Action Service set out the new EU approach to economic security, and then took comments and questions from Members of Parliament.
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