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European Parliament Meeting Addresses Taiwan Trade Issues

At a meeting of the European Parliament's Committee on International Trade this week, members of Parliament, the EU Trade Commissioner, and a representative of the European Council all weighed in on EU-Taiwan trade and investment issues.

Briefing Paper for European Parliament Looks at Trade Aspects of China's Presence in Latin America and Caribbean

A recently published briefing paper entitled "Trade Aspects of China’s Presence in Latin America and Caribbean," requested by the European Parliament's International Trade Committee, examines the role of China in these regions and proposes EU responses.

European Parliament Discusses Business Environment for European Companies in China

At a meeting of the European Parliament's Committee on International Trade, Noah Barkin, the managing editor with Rhodium Group and visiting senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund, talked about the recent trends of European business in China, and Adeline Hinderer, the head of Unit Far East from DG Trade

European Parliament Discusses Taiwan Trade Issues

At a meeting last week, the European Parliament discussed the EU-Taiwan trade and investment relationship, with Members expressing support for closer ties.

European Parliament Discusses Forced Labor Ban

At a European Parliament hearing today, there was a discussion of the European Commission's proposed regulation on forced labor, involving a representative of the Commission, several experts, and members of Parliament.

EU Lawmakers Upset about Chinese Scanners in Strasbourg Airport

Three Members of the European Parliament have sent a letter to a French government official to express concern about Strasbourg airport's deal to buy baggage-scanning equipment made by Chinese state-owned company Nuctech.

European Commission, Parliament Talk Trade Remedies against China

During a European Parliament meeting today, China trade was discussed in the context of an annual report on the EU's trade defense instruments.
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