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Government Interference with Ganfeng Lithium Investments in Mexico Could Lead To International Arbitration

A publication specializing in news about investment arbitration has reported that litigation over Chinese investments in Mexican lithium mining might be in the works after the Mexican government cancelled concessions held by a Chinese company's Mexican subsidiaries.

U.S. Senator Presses Biden Administration on Funding for Chinese-Linked Lithium Company

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) is pressing the Biden Administration on a possible Energy Department loan to support a U.S. lithium mine investment by a company with ties to Chinese lithium company Ganfeng.

Prospects for Chinese Mining of Lithium in Mexico

The Mexican government is moving towards more state involvement in the mining of its natural resources, including lithium. This policy shift will have implications for Chinese companies that have signed lithium mining contracts in Mexico.

Ganfeng Plans to Buy Lithium Mining Company in Argentina

Chinese lithium giant Ganfeng Lithium announced that it plans to acquire Argentina-based mining company Lithea Inc.
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