Critical Minerals

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Chinese Auto Maker NIO Eyes Lithium Sources

Chinese electronic vehicle (EV) maker NIO is making a big investment to secure its access to lithium, a raw material used in EV batteries.

U.S. Senator Presses Biden Administration on Funding for Chinese-Linked Lithium Company

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) is pressing the Biden Administration on a possible Energy Department loan to support a U.S. lithium mine investment by a company with ties to Chinese lithium company Ganfeng.

Proposed U.S. Legislation Would Address China/Russia Power Over Critical Minerals

Two Republican members of Congress have introduced legislation that would respond to concerns about China and Russia having too much power over critical minerals around the world.

WTO Dispute on Indonesian Nickel Export Restrictions Has Tie to Chinese Investment

An EU-Indonesia WTO dispute over Indonesian export restrictions on nickel ore has a close connection to Chinese investment in the Indonesian nickel processing sector. A recent statement by the Indonesian President suggests Indonesia is likely to lose the WTO litigation, but even so, their goal with the policy seems to

Prospects for Chinese Lithium Mining in Chile

Chile has long been considered a relatively free market-oriented bastion in South America, with more openness to foreign investment and trade than most countries on the continent. In recent years, though, there have been rising protests from the left against existing economic policies, with concerns raised about inequality and unfairness.

Prospects for Chinese Mining of Lithium in Mexico

The Mexican government is moving towards more state involvement in the mining of its natural resources, including lithium. This policy shift will have implications for Chinese companies that have signed lithium mining contracts in Mexico.

Prospects for Chinese Mining of Lithium in Afghanistan

After the United States withdrew its armed forces from Afghanistan, there was speculation that China might try to exert its influence there, both politically and economically. In terms of the economy, one sector with potential was the mining of critical minerals, and one key mineral was lithium, which is important
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