Critical Minerals

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China Revises Its Graphite Export Controls

Last Friday, China's Ministry of Commerce and General Administration of Customs (GACC) announced that they had adjusted the export controls on graphite, which were instituted in 2006, by revising the scope of controlled items. The majority of current graphite exports from China have already been subject to export controls over

China and Chile Sign Deals on Lithium, Trade, and Investment

During Chilean President Gabriel Boric's state trip to China this week, the two governments signed multiple deals, indicating further collaboration in lithium, trade, the Belt and Road Initiative, and industrial investment.

New Working Paper Reviews China's Strategy on Critical Minerals

In a recently posted research paper, three trade law experts offered a detailed examination of China’s strategies and policies related to critical minerals, both inward and outward, arguing that they are designed to address China's internal challenges to secure supplies while ensuring sustainable development, rather than being used as

Government Interference with Ganfeng Lithium Investments in Mexico Could Lead To International Arbitration

A publication specializing in news about investment arbitration has reported that litigation over Chinese investments in Mexican lithium mining might be in the works after the Mexican government cancelled concessions held by a Chinese company's Mexican subsidiaries.

Think Tank Paper Looks at China’s Gallium/Germanium Export Moves

In a paper published last week by the French Institute of International Relations, research fellow John Seaman argues that China's recent export controls on gallium and germanium may not have a big impact themselves, but they are "a shot across Washington’s bow and an invitation to consider the spiraling

House CCP Committee Holds Hearing on "The Biden Administration's PRC Strategy"

The U.S. House of Representatives' Select Committee on the CCP held a hearing today on "The Biden Administration's PRC Strategy," discussing export controls, the bilateral trade deficit, and control of international organizations.

DR Congo and China Sign Deals in Investment and Digital

And they agreed to resolve issues through consultations.
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