Industrial Policy

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MOFCOM to U.S. and EU: Choose Climate Cooperation or Trade Protectionism

China's Ministry of Commerce released a statement today arguing that its new energy sector benefits the world and the rhetoric of "industrial overcapacity" is essentially a "double standard" and "trade protectionism."

UK Anti-Dumping Decision Examines Chinese Government Influence, Labor Policies

In a recent anti-dumping and countervailing duties investigation on optical fibre cables from China, the UK's Trade Remedy Authority (TRA) recommended imposing anti-dumping and countervailing duties, and in its reasoning in the anti-dumping case it took into account Chinese government influence over the industry and labor policies.

Expert: Why China's Industrial Policy Won't Be Easy to Replicate

Speaking at an event during the WTO public forum last week, Singapore Management University law professor Henry Gao offered comments on China's industrial policy and argued that the China model cannot be easily replicated in most developing countries.

Chinese Tech Hub Shenzhen Pushes the Use of Domestic Operating Systems

China's southern city Shenzhen issued a new action plan to promote the use of domestic operating systems developed by Huawei, which is headquartered in the city.

Podcast: Evaluating China's Industrial Policy

The latest episode of the Trade Talks podcast examines China's industrial policy, with a focus on the Made in China 2025 initiative.

U.S.-China Commission Hearing Discusses China's Rare Earth Policies

At a U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission hearing today on U.S.-China Competition in Global Supply Chains, there was a discussion of the reasons for China's rise in rare earth element production, as well as the current state of central government involvement in that
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