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At SPS Meeting, U.S. Reiterates Concerns over China's Registration Requirement for Foreign Food Producers

The United States recently reiterated its concerns over China's new measures that require registration for all overseas manufacturers that sell to China, and it also put forward some requests related to how to implement the measures. The U.S. statement at the meeting was recently made public on the WTO's

U.S. Reiterates Concerns at WTO about China's Actions Related to COVID Affecting Trade in Food and Agricultural Products

As we previously reported here, here, and here, the United States has expressed concerns about China's actions related to COVID-19 that affect trade in food and agricultural products. At the WTO SPS Committee meeting held on March 23-25, 2022, the United States raised the issue again, and in response to

WTO Members Question China's Trade Measures Related to COVID and More at SPS Meeting

At a WTO SPS Committee meeting in November, for which the meeting minutes were just circulated, WTO Members discussed a number of SPS measures imposed by China.
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