WTO Disputes

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EU Submission in WTO Dispute with Indonesia Addresses Chinese Cross-Border Subsidies

A recent WTO complaint filed by Indonesia against EU countervailing and anti-dumping duty measures on Indonesian steel imports involves several claims related to subsidies provided by the Chinese government.

New EU Submissions in WTO Complaint over Chinese Anti-Suit Injunctions

The EU has posted two more submissions related to its WTO complaint against the "anti-suit injunctions" that have been issued in recent years by Chinese courts.

WTO Panel on Chinese Restrictions on Lithuania Trade Suspended

The WTO panel hearing the EU complaint against Chinese restrictions on trade with Lithuania has been suspended.

Australia Makes Third Party Submissions in EU-China IP Dispute at WTO

In the EU-China WTO dispute over "anti-suit injunctions" issued by Chinese courts, Australia has now made several submissions to the WTO panel as a third party to the dispute.

Australian Barley Being Sold in China Again after Tariffs Removed

On December 9, the Australian government announced that Australian exports of barley to China had started up again after the removal of Chinese anti-dumping/countervailing duties following the resolution of a WTO dispute.

WTO Panel Announces Report Date in Chinese Complaint against Australian AD/CVD Measures

A WTO panel reviewing a Chinese complaint against various Australian AD/CVD measures has announced the date for issuance of the panel report to the parties, but a settlement may be in the works before then.

U.S. Makes Third Party Submissions in WTO Dispute on China's Lithuania Trade Restrictions

In two recent third party submissions in the dispute between the EU and China related to Chinese restrictions on Lithuanian goods, the U.S. focused on the issue of whether there is evidence that a "measure" exists and the nature of that measure.
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