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Document: U.S. and China Discuss WTO Panel Ruling on Safeguards at DSB Meeting

At the September 27 DSB meeting, China and the United States discussed the U.S. - Photovoltaic Safeguards (DS562) panel report. The case involves Chinese claims against a 2018 U.S. safeguard measure on crystalline silicon photovoltaic products. The WTO panel rejected various claims that the U.S. safeguard measure

WTO Panel Established for Dispute between Japan and China over Steel Anti-Dumping Duties

A WTO panel was established on September 27 to hear a complaint brought by Japan over China's anti-dumping (AD) duties on stainless steel products. The panel has not been composed yet. This piece sets out some key claims made by Japan in its panel request, as well as some parts

China Agrees To Use Arbitration Appeal Mechanism in WTO Canola Seed Dispute With Canada

In a WTO complaint by Canada against Chinese restrictions on the importation of canola seed (DS589), China and Canada have agreed to procedures for using an alternative mechanism for a potential appeal in the case. This agreement ensures that any WTO panel report in the case will be enforceable through

China Decides to Appeal WTO Panel Report on Solar Safeguards

In early September, we wrote about the choice faced by China in relation to a WTO panel report which rejected China's WTO complaint against a U.S. safeguard measure on certain solar products. Would China appeal the report, or let it be adopted? We now have the answer, as the

WTO Panel Composed in China - Barley AD/CVD Dispute

Yesterday, the WTO announced that on September 3, the WTO Director-General had composed the panel in the WTO complaint brought by Australia against China's AD/CVD measures on barley (DS598). The panelists in the case are: Chairperson: Enie Neri de Ross, from Venezuela, has been a WTO panelist on 13

To Appeal or Not To Appeal? The Question Facing China in the WTO Dispute on Solar Safeguards

On September 2, the WTO circulated a panel report in a complaint brought by China against U.S. safeguard measures on certain solar products, in which the panel found that the U.S. measures do not violate WTO obligations. This leaves China with a difficult choice: Appeal the report, or

Panel Established in U.S. - China WTO Dispute on TRQs on Agricultural Products, But Next Steps Are Unclear

At the August 30 DSB meeting, a WTO panel was established to hear China's request that it be found in compliance in a dispute brought by the United States against the administration of tariff-rate quotes for wheat, rice, and corn. (See our earlier posts here and here). But the next
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