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U.S. and Taiwan Wrap Up Second Round of Trade Talks

Officials from the United States and Taiwan held the second round of negotiations for the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st Century Trade this week in Taipei, and delivered some results that a Taiwanese top official said he is "quite satisfied with."

China Starts Anti-Dumping Investigation on Taiwanese Plastics

China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) announced that it has launched an anti-dumping investigation on polycarbonate (PC) imported from Taiwan.

Taiwanese Exporters Wrestle with New Mainland Regulatory Requirements

The Taiwanese government is continuing to help food exporters to complete the new regulatory procedures required to export to the mainland, but some companies have decided to leave the market.

Taiwan Complains about Mainland's "WTO-Inconsistent" Registration Requirement on Seafood and Drinks

Taiwanese officials said last week that China's customs agency's recent move to block imports of seafood, as well as some alcohol and beverage products, from Taiwan violates WTO rules and discriminates against Taiwan. In response, the Taiwanese government may file a WTO complaint, according to these officials.

Confusion over Australian Statements on Taiwan CPTPP Bid Seems To Be Resolved

Last week, there was some confusion over Australia's position on Taiwan's CPTPP application when Prime Minister Anthony Albanese appeared to suggest that Australia would not support Taiwan's bid to join, but subsequent statements seem to clarify that Australia will evaluate Taiwan's application on the merits.

U.S. and Taiwan Wrap Up Second 21st-Century Trade Talks Meeting

Government officials from the U.S. and Taiwan met this week to discuss the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade. The negotiation is still at the early stages, although a timeline set by Taiwanese officials earlier this year indicated that some agreements could be reached by the end of

Taiwan Announces Investments in Lithuania as New Trade Office Opens in Taiwan

Taiwanese officials gave a recent update on the progress of financial support and government efforts to bolster investment and trade with Lithuania, as the two sides pursue closer diplomatic ties. So far this year, bilateral trade between the two has mostly remained flat (with 1% growth) compared to last year.
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