Export Controls

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China's Xi Highlights Room for Collaboration While Avoiding Friction Points When Meeting Dutch Prime Minister

During a meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte today, Xi highlighted areas for future collaboration and warned against decoupling and artificial tech barriers.

Congressional Hearing Discusses Countering China on Technology

The U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs held a hearing today on "Countering China on the World Stage: Empowering American Businesses and Denying Chinese Military Our Technology."

Chinese Law Stands in Way of Possible TikTok Forced Sale

As the push to either ban or force the divestment of social media platform TikTok is gaining momentum in the United States, the prospect of a divestment faces regulatory obstacles in China as well.

BIS Receives Comments on Semiconductor Export Control Rules

As a WTO complaint against U.S. semiconductor export controls lingers in the background, these controls have been the subject of comments through the U.S. rule-making process, with new comments coming in recently.

U.S. Export Control Official Discusses China Issues

At a webinar today, Matthew Axelrod, Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement at the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), discussed various aspects of U.S. export controls as they relate to China.

China and Japan Meet about Export Controls as Japan Mulls New Controls

Earlier this month, trade officials from China and Japan held their first export control dialogue after a communication mechanism was first created last fall. But a new proposal in Japan that is currently under consideration will test the functionality of the mechanism.

China's Graphite Exports Drop after New Export Control Rules

With China's new export controls on graphite entering into force last December, data shows that the controls have had a significant impact on exports of natural graphite that had not been subject to export controls in the past. By contrast, the impact of the controls on artificial graphite
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