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UK CPTPP Parliamentary Debate Discusses Extra Scrutiny of Possible China Accession

As the UK finalizes its membership in the CPTPP, Parliament has been debating whether to impose extra scrutiny over China's accession to the agreement.

UK Parliament Debates Restrictions on Chinese Surveillance Cameras

Last week, the UK's House of Lords discussed an amendment to a procurement bill that would further exclude Chinese-made surveillance technology from the supply chain.

UK Parliament Debates Decision to Block Newport Wafer Fab Sale

After a recent UK government decision to undo the purchase of a Wales-based semiconductor company by a Chinese-owned company, both Houses of the UK Parliament discussed the issue last week. There were a range of views expressed, with some criticizing the decision and others urging the government to do more

UK Parliament Debates Electric Bus Manufacturing, Competition with China

At the UK parliament last week, there was a discussion of the importance of electric bus manufacturing in the United Kingdom, during which concerns were expressed that Chinese electric buses were a threat to UK bus manufacturers.

UK International Trade Committee Considers Supply Chains, China

Last week, the UK Parliament's International Trade Committee held an oral evidence session on the UK's international supply chains, touching on several China trade issues.

UK Parliament Discussions Raise China Forced Labor, Security Issues

Last week, the UK Parliament had separate discussions of two big issues related to China trade, forced labor and security, in which members of Parliament raised concerns and called for action.

UK Parliament Debates Development Aid for China

The debate in the United Kingdom over development and other aid for China continues, with a discussion in Parliament last week touching on this issue.
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