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UK MP Raises Issue of Forced Labor in Supply Chains

In a UK parliamentary discussion last week, a Member of Parliament raised the issue of Uyghur forced labor in supply chains, prompting a brief discussion between MPs and a UK government official.

UK Parliament Debates Solar Farms, Touching on China Labor Issues

Last week, a UK parliament debate on large solar farms touched on the issue of solar panels made in China with forced labor.

UK Approves Nuclear Reactor Designed by Chinese Firm But Future of Its Involvement Remains Unclear

Two British government agencies recently announced that they had approved a nuclear reactor designed by a Chinese firm. However, the company's involvement in this and other nuclear projects in the UK remains unclear, as other British government officials and members of the UK parliament have both been pushing to remove

UK Parliament Discusses Import Ban on Chinese Cotton and Solar Panels from Xinjiang

At a session of the UK House of Commons today, when answering a question from a Member of Parliament from the Labour Party about UK government policies on imports from Xinjiang, a high-level government trade official said that "a mix" of responses are needed and it "will keep the matter
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