China-UK Relations

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Former UK Prime Minister Truss Speaks in Taiwan, Calls for "Economic NATO", Blocking China from CPTPP

Former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss, who previously served as International Trade Secretary and Foreign Secretary, gave a speech yesterday at the Prospect Foundation in Taiwan, entitled "Taiwan: On the Frontline of Freedom and Democracy," in which she called for "an economic NATO" involving "coordination between countries that support freedom

UK Fines TikTok £12.7 Million for Misusing Children’s Data

Last week, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued a £12,700,000 fine on TikTok for "a number of breaches of data protection law, including failing to use children’s personal data lawfully."

CFIUS/UK Authorities Approve Chinese Purchase of Pharmaceutical Company

Nine months after reports of a security review by U.S./UK investment screening officials, the acquisition by a company with Chinese links of a U.S./UK pharmaceutical company has been approved by both governments.

UK High Court Ruling Rejects Complaint about Government Failure To Take Action on Uyghur Rights

Last week, a British judge ruled against a claim by human rights groups that the UK government was not taking appropriate action under specific UK statutes to address concerns about products made in Xinjiang with forced labor.

UK Government Announces Restrictions on Use of Chinese Security Cameras

Last week, UK Cabinet office minister Oliver Dowden announced that the UK will be restricting Chinese-made surveillance equipment from sensitive sites, including government buildings.

UK Government Blocks Chinese Purchase of Semiconductor Company

The UK government announced yesterday that it would order the reversal of the purchase of a UK semiconductor company by a Chinese-owned company.

UK Trade Policy Minister Visits Taiwan for Talks

The United Kingdom has announced that its trade minister will travel to Taiwan for talks on various issues related to access to the Taiwanese market and to increase collaboration on technology and innovation.
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