China-UK Relations

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UK Parliament Discusses Acquisition of Welsh Semiconductor Factory by Chinese Company, Security Review Underway

In the UK House of Lords last week, a question was raised regarding the acquisition of the Newport Wafer Fab, a semiconductor factory in Wales, by the Chinese-owned technology company Nexperia. In response, the UK government has made clear that a national security review of the transaction is underway.

Talk of UK Reengaging with China on Trade and Investment Illustrates Internal Divisions

Last week, Politico reported that the UK government was taking tentative steps to restore a forum to talk about trade and investment with China, but there was immediate pushback from some of the China hawks within the Conservative Party.

UK Approves Nuclear Reactor Designed by Chinese Firm But Future of Its Involvement Remains Unclear

Two British government agencies recently announced that they had approved a nuclear reactor designed by a Chinese firm. However, the company's involvement in this and other nuclear projects in the UK remains unclear, as other British government officials and members of the UK parliament have both been pushing to remove

UK Parliament Discusses Pork Exports To China

In the UK House of Commons on October 21, MP Dave Doogan (SNP) asked the UK Secretary of State for International Trade the following question about UK pork exports to China: "What recent assessment she has made of the potential effect on trade of the suspension of export licences for

Liz Truss on the UK-China Trade Relationship

Politico hosted an interview today with UK Trade Minister Liz Truss. Anna Isaac of Politico asked Minister Truss about a number of trade issues. The following are the questions and answers related to trade with China. Anna Isaac: Let's start with China, and now you said last week, of course,
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