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Chinese Associations Question the WTO-Consistency of Japan's New Export Controls

Multiple Chinese trade and industry associations expressed their opposition to new Japanese export control rules over the weekend, calling them "discriminatory" and a violation of WTO rules.

China Raises U.S. EV/Semiconductor Subsidies at WTO Meeting

At the November 2022 meeting of the WTO's Council for Trade in Goods, for which the minutes were recently circulated, several issues related to trade with China were raised for the first time (including U.S. subsidies on clean energy and semiconductors), and various other previously raised issues were brought

Panel Composed in EU's WTO Complaint against Chinese Trade Restrictions on Lithuania

A WTO panel has been composed to hear the EU's complaint that various Chinese trade restrictions imposed on Lithuania are in violation of WTO rules.

China and Japan Agree To Use MPIA for WTO Anti-Dumping Dispute

Today the WTO published a notification from Japan and China that they had agreed to use the Multi-Party Interim Appeal Arbitration Arrangement (MPIA) in the event of any appeal in the China - Anti-Dumping Measures on Stainless Steel Products from Japan (DS601) dispute, which is currently pending before a WTO

Australia, China Move Towards Settlement of Barley AD/CVD Dispute

The Chinese government has agreed to an expedited review of the anti-dumping/countervailing duties it has been imposing on Australian barley, leading to a suspension of the WTO dispute on these duties.

At WTO Subsidy Meeting, Governments Raise Issues Related to Expert Group Appointment, Discrimination, Overcapacity, Transparency

At a meeting of the WTO's Committee on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures in October, there was continued disagreement about the possible appointment of a Chinese citizen to the SCM Committee's Permanent Group of Experts; China raised issues related to the U.S. CHIPS Act and Inflation Reduction Act; and a

China's Questions, U.S. Answers from U.S. Trade Policy Review at WTO

The WTO has posted the written and additional written questions by WTO Members and replies provided by the United States during the U.S. trade policy review carried out last December, with China asking extensive questions of the United States as part of this process.
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