Anti-Coercion Instrument

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Lithuania's Exports to China Recover To Some Extent

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said in a recent interview that "most of the economic pressure measures [from Beijing] against Lithuania have been lifted." A deeper dive into its trade data with China indicates that while there has been a partial recovery from the trade disruptions of last

Trade Scholar Discusses EU Anti-Coercion Instrument and China at European Parliament Hearing

At a European Parliament hearing on the proposed Anti-Coercion Instrument yesterday, members asked several expert witnesses questions about its operation, and one topic covered was how it would be applied to China, with law professor Henry Gao offering his views on this topic.

EU Requests WTO Consultations on Chinese Trade Restrictions against Lithuania

In response to concerns about Chinese restrictions on trade with Lithuania, which resulted from Lithuanian actions related to Taiwan, the EU has now filed a consultations request at the WTO. This piece examines the factual and legal aspects of the request, along with the EU's explanations in a

European Parliament, Commission Discuss Anti-Coercion Instrument, with Focus on Chinese Actions

In a meeting of the European Parliament's Committee on International Trade yesterday, Denis Redonnet, Chief Trade Enforcement Officer for the European Commission, testified on issues related to the proposed "Anti-Coercion Instrument" under development by the European Commission. In this regard, during the meeting, various Chinese government
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