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China Releases April Trade Data

China's Customs agency released trade data for April, showing a decline from the previous month in both imports and exports. But measured in terms of a year-on-year comparison, exports grew slightly while imports declined. In addition, the data shows that China's trading patterns with most major partners remained the same

China Releases First Quarter Trade Data

China's trade data for the first quarter of 2023 shows that its trade with the world dropped slightly from last year, although the March data shows a slight rise. In the meantime, China's shrinking trade with the United States continues.

Chinese Data Shows Decoupling in Semiconductor-Based Technology

China's imports of integrated circuits (ICs), semiconductors and equipment have been falling since the beginning of 2022, providing evidence that the U.S.-China tech war is having an impact on trade, and some degree of decoupling is happening.

China Releases Trade Data for January and February

China's trade data for January and February shows a drop in trade in both directions, as the outlook for the Chinese economy remains uncertain. While its trade with ASEAN remained mostly stable, its trade with the European Union and the United States continued to decline, with exports to these regions

Xinjiang Exports to the U.S. Declining Quickly

Data from China's Customs shows that the exports of companies registered in Xinjiang to the United States dropped to a historical low in December, with an annual contraction of 22.3% last year. This is likely a result of both the implementation of the U.S. Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention

China Releases December Trade Data

China's trade data for December shows that its exports had a larger dip compared to the month before, while the more moderate decline of imports may indicate that economic recovery is on its way. A break down of its trade with major trading partners is provided below.

China Trade Data in November Reflects Gloomy Economy

Data released by China's Customs shows that its trade with the rest of the world is continuing on a downward trajectory, and is expected to experience a sustained slide due to both domestic and global factors.
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