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Modest Growth of China's Economy in August, But Headwinds Remain

Chinese officials released domestic economic data for August. Stimulus measures have helped boost growth in some sectors, while other sectors are facing more headwinds.

China's Trade Growth Continues Weakening in August

China's customs data shows that the growth of imports and exports is slowing, amidst continued COVID restrictions and weakening demand in many markets.

Chinese Officials Talk Up Potential of Agriculture Imports from Africa

China plans to take more steps to facilitate agricultural imports from African countries, said Chinese officials, including easing sanitary and phytosanitary measures. While some progress has been made already, obstacles still remain, including Chinese regulatory red tape and the productivity of African exporters.

Unresolved Issue on Beef Feed Additive Leads to Suspension of U.S. Company's Exports to China

China's Customs agency announced that it would suspend beef imports from a U.S. company due to the detection of an illegal substance, an outstanding issue that the United States and China were supposed to work on under the Phase One Agreement.

China's Trade Faces Pressure, But There Are Some Highlights, MOFCOM Officials Say

China's Commerce officials recently touted China's development in trade and foreign investment in the first four months of 2022, including that private companies' share in international trade increased to 58.5%, and there was a 26% rise of foreign investment, despite the economic slowdown caused by COVID-related lockdowns. They also

China's March Imports Decline as It Faces Domestic and International Challenges

China's Customs released its March trade data this week, showing that while China's exports continued to grow but with a slower pace, its imports declined compared to last year. The slowdown of China trade can be attributed to both domestic and international factors. Looking forward, Chinese Customs officials warned of

Digging Into Chinese Trade Data: Growth Trends and Bilateral Trade Balances

Following up on our recent post about Chinese trade data for 2021, this post looks at trade trends for a sampling of Chinese trading partners.
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