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China's March Imports Decline as It Faces Domestic and International Challenges

China's Customs released its March trade data this week, showing that while China's exports continued to grow but with a slower pace, its imports declined compared to last year. The slowdown of China trade can be attributed to both domestic and international factors. Looking forward, Chinese Customs officials warned of

Digging Into Chinese Trade Data: Growth Trends and Bilateral Trade Balances

Following up on our recent post about Chinese trade data for 2021, this post looks at trade trends for a sampling of Chinese trading partners.

China Releases 2021 Trade Data, Surpassing $6 Trillion in Total Trade For the First Time

On January 14, China's General Administration of Customs (GACC) released its trade data for 2021. China's total trade in 2021 reached a record high 6.05 trillion USD, while its trade surplus also broke the record and amounted to $676.4 billion USD. Along with the data release, officials of

Chinese University Issues Report on China’s Imports

On November 4, Beijing Normal University’s School of Economics and Business Administration and the China Institute of Research and Social Development jointly issued the “2021 Report on China’s Import Development.” The report summarizes China’s import policies and provides statistical analyses on China's key import data. It also

China Updates Its Trade Data for the First Three Quarters of 2021

China's State Council Information Office hosted a press conference on September 13, during which Chinese customs officials explained China’s trade data for the first three quarters of this year. Overall, China’s trade grew 22.7 percent over the period compared to the same timeframe last year. According to
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