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China Releases December Trade Data

China's trade data for December shows that its exports had a larger dip compared to the month before, while the more moderate decline of imports may indicate that economic recovery is on its way. A break down of its trade with major trading partners is provided below.

China Trade Data in November Reflects Gloomy Economy

Data released by China's Customs shows that its trade with the rest of the world is continuing on a downward trajectory, and is expected to experience a sustained slide due to both domestic and global factors.

China's October Data Shows Contracting Trade

China's trade data for October contracted in both directions when measured in US dollars, further darkening the economic outlook. Despite the downward trend, China's growing trade with ASEAN indicates a more integrated regional trade pattern.

China Trade Data Shows Varying Patterns with Partners

China's trade data for September shows that its overall trade continues to slow down, but with variations by trading partner. Its trade with the U.S. continued to drop, an indication of further decoupling, while its trade with other partners, such as ASEAN, Russia and South Africa, is growing steadily.

Modest Growth of China's Economy in August, But Headwinds Remain

Chinese officials released domestic economic data for August. Stimulus measures have helped boost growth in some sectors, while other sectors are facing more headwinds.

China's Trade Growth Continues Weakening in August

China's customs data shows that the growth of imports and exports is slowing, amidst continued COVID restrictions and weakening demand in many markets.

Chinese Officials Talk Up Potential of Agriculture Imports from Africa

China plans to take more steps to facilitate agricultural imports from African countries, said Chinese officials, including easing sanitary and phytosanitary measures. While some progress has been made already, obstacles still remain, including Chinese regulatory red tape and the productivity of African exporters.
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