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China and UAE Sign Deal to Boost Investment in Infrastructure, AI and Technology

On the sideline of the WTO MC13, China's Minister of Commerce met with his counterpart from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and signed a deal on boosting investment in the digital economy.

Economic Aspects of the Xi-Biden Meeting

The Xi-Biden meeting this week in San Francisco was an important step in stabilizing bilateral relations, which have deteriorated since last year. Big announcements were made on military engagement and fentanyl production. Some trade and investment issues were also brought up at the meeting, although it is unlikely that the

Biden Administration Announces New Semiconductor Export Control Rules

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced new export control rules that target China's semiconductor and AI industry, expanding the parameters and patching "loopholes" of existing export controls on chips and manufacturing tools.

China's Rules Governing Generative AI Services Take Effect Next Month

Compared to the draft released in April, the final text further clarifies the scope of application and rules on foreign services.

China Publishes List of Generative Synthesis Algorithms

China's cyber watchdog published a list of algorithms as part of implementing rules that govern the deep synthesis service sector, and urged other service providers to file a record with their algorithms for inclusion on the list.

CAC Drafts Regulation on Generative AI

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), China's cyber watchdog, issued a draft regulation on generative artificial intelligence services, in an attempt to regulate this emerging technology. The draft sets out certain obligations for the service providers in this field, and is now open to public comments until May

New Chinese Rules Rein in Underlying Technologies Used in Deepfakes

Chinese internet regulators published a new regulation on the use of deep synthesis technology, in an effort to combat fake news, illegal information, and crimes.
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