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Beijing Criticizes U.S. Curbs on Chinese Cars

Today, China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) criticized the U.S. for creating "obstacles" for Chinese autos to enter the U.S. market, amidst new announcements from the Biden administration that target China and Chinese automobiles.

Biden Administration Will Investigate Chinese "Connected Vehicles"

President Biden has directed the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) at the Commerce Department to investigate potential national security concerns related to Chinese access to Americans' "connected vehicles."

U.S. Manufacturing Group Presses for Restrictions on Chinese Autos from Mexico

In a recent report, a U.S. manufacturing group raised concerns about the threat of Chinese automobile companies using Mexico as a way avoid U.S. tariffs imposed on Chinese imports, and recommended a number of measures to stop this.

Reactions to Volkswagen Labor Rights Story

As a follow-up to a recent piece on Volkswagen products being caught up by the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA), there have been several reactions that are worth noting.

Beijing Comments on Growing Chinese Auto Exports and Foreign Restrictions

As Chinese auto exports increase rapidly, the scrutiny by foreign governments may intensify. Beijing is likely to use a wide range of tools to fight back while continuing support for its auto industry.

Volkswagen Luxury Brands Held up in U.S. Ports Due to Forced Labor Issues

News reports indicate that certain Volkswagen luxury brands have seen imports into the U.S. held up at ports due to concerns about components made in Xinjiang using forced labor.

China Automobile Association Sounds Alert on EU's EV Subsidy Investigation

In a statement published this week, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers urged the European Union to use caution in its anti-subsidy investigation, warning that it may harm the EU EV industry and global carbon neutrality goals.
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