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Biden Administration Takes Action Against Mexican Steel and Aluminum Imports, Chinese Inputs Targeted

This week, the Biden administration announced the imposition of tariffs on imported Mexican steel and aluminum, with the target mainly being Chinese inputs into these products.

Biden Administration Official Talks Chinese Overcapacity

At a Council on Foreign Relations event today, Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs Jay Shambaugh offered comments on "Chinese Overcapacity and the Global Economy."

Biden Administration Officials Discuss AI Export Restrictions

At a think tank event this week, two Biden administration officials offered views on AI competition with China and export controls being used in conjunction with this.

Biden Administration Issues Proposed Rule to Implement Executive Order Addressing U.S. Tech Investments in China

A proposed rule issued by the U.S. Treasury Department provides additional details on an Executive Order issued by President Biden last year relating to U.S. investment in China in several sectors with a close connection to the development of military technology.

Yellen Speech Hits Familiar Points on U.S.-China Economic Relations

In a speech to the Economic Club of New York last week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reiterated that she is not in favor "decoupling" from China, but that China's high savings and overcapacity are a problem for the Biden administration.

G7 Meetings Discuss China Trade Issues

At the G7 meetings held in Italy over the past few days, issues related to China were one of the key topics, with the trade language reiterating points made in the past, including the impact of Chinese policies on U.S. investments in strategic sectors.

Katherine Tai's View of China in the Trading System: Labor, Environment, Anti-Monopoly Rules Are Key

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai commented on China-U.S. trade relations yesterday, emphasizing the importance of international rules on labor standards, environmental protections, and anti-monopoly provisions.
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