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EU Announces Preliminary Anti-Subsidy Duties in Chinese EV Investigation

The European Commission announced today that it had "provisionally concluded that the battery electric vehicles (BEV) value chain in China benefits from unfair subsidisation, which is causing a threat of economic injury to EU BEV producers," and made a preliminary determination on duty rates of up to 38%

U.S. House Committee Members Discuss Chinese Auto Competition

Two members of a key House Committee dealing with China issues were recently asked about the threat of Chinese auto imports, and responded by reiterating the calls for action they made last year.

NGO Raises Concerns about Huawei and BYD in EU

An NGO that focuses on Hong Kong issues has put out a paper that raises concerns about the operations and investments of Huawei and Build Your Dreams (BYD) in the EU, and recommends a number of actions to restrict these companies.

BYD to Build Battery Factory in Chile

Chinese electric car giant BYD is investing US$290 million to build a lithium cathode factory in Chile, after securing raw materials at a discount from local suppliers.

BYD Expanding Electric Vehicle Sales, Production in Brazil, New Factory in Thailand

Recent months have seen announcements from Chinese battery and electric vehicle company BYD Co Ltd about new investments in both Brazil and Thailand.

BYD Raises Concerns with U.S. Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Conditions, Pushes for Flexible Interpretation

Under the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) signed into law this year, tax credits are available for purchases of electric vehicles, but they are subject to various conditions related to the place of assembly of the product and the national origin of its components. Chinese electric vehicle producer BYD

Prospects for Chinese Lithium Mining in Chile

Chile has long been considered a relatively free market-oriented bastion in South America, with more openness to foreign investment and trade than most countries on the continent. In recent years, though, there have been rising protests from the left against existing economic policies, with concerns raised about inequality and unfairness.
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