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Republican Congressman Presses Commerce Department on Huawei Cell Towers

Republican Congressman Mike Flood of Nebraska sent a letter to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo expressing concern about "the reported use of Huawei hardware in U.S. cell towers" in Nebraska, and particularly that cell towers "within a certain range of military installations such as missile silos and bases, have been

Chinese Loan Helps Huawei with Solomon Islands Contract for Communications Towers

Last week, the Solomon Islands government announced that it had signed a contract with Huawei for the construction of mobile communications towers, with US$66 million in funding for the deal coming from China's Exim Bank.

Swedish Appeals Court Upholds Government’s High-Risk Vendor Designation of Huawei

A Swedish Administrative Court of Appeal recently upheld a lower court's ruling in support of a government decision to ban Huawei equipment in its 5G market, citing national security concerns.

U.S. Senate Hearing Addresses Global Leadership and Economic Statecraft

At a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing today, U.S. Senators offered their views on, and asked Biden administration officials about, issues such as China's trade measures against Lithuania and telecoms competition around the world.

Rubio Offers CHIPS Act Amendments Targeting China

As part of the ongoing U.S. legislative debate over the CHIPS Act of 2022, a piece of legislation that would, among other things, provide over US$50 billion to the domestic semiconductor industry, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has introduced three amendments that would "address critical errors and omissions in

Congressional Hearing with BIS Under Secretary Addresses Russia Sanctions, Touches on China Issues

At a recent Congressional hearing, a senior Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) official testified and answered questions on a number of issues related to China's compliance with U.S. sanctions and its access to U.S. technology.

Biden Administration Pushes 5G Cooperation with Saudi Arabia; China Responds

During his recent trip to the Middle East, President Biden announced a new arrangement under which Saudi Arabia "will invest in new U.S.-led technology to develop and secure reliable 5G and 6G networks, both here and in the future, in developing countries to coordinate with the Partnership for
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