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Canadian Parliament Committee Presses Pension Funds on China Investments

Earlier this month, the Canadian Parliament's Special Committee on the Canada–People’s Republic of China Relationship held a meeting that focused on Canadian investment funds and their investments in China.

Canadian Parliament Debates Foreign Investment Screening Bill, China Concerns Prominent

The Canadian Parliament has been debating legislation proposed by the Liberal Trudeau government that would amend Canada's investment screening procedures. During the debate, concerns about China have been raised a number of times by the Conservative opposition party, who are pushing to strengthen the bill in several ways.

Canadian Senate Debates Bill that Would Ban Goods from Xinjiang

As we reported last November, Canadian Senator Leo Housakos of the opposition Conservative party introduced a bill to amend the Customs Tariff so as to prohibit the importation of goods manufactured in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China. Last week, the Canadian Senate debated the bill as part of

U.S., Canada Explore Critical Minerals Strategies, Emphasizing Competition with China

The U.S. and Canadian governments have both held hearings and discussions, as well as taking specific actions, in recent weeks in response to China's dominance of the critical minerals market and with the objective of pushing forward with plans to develop their own supply chains in this area.

Canadian MP Discusses Huawei 5G and Lithium Company Sale with Government Minister

In a February 1 discussion in the Canadian House of Commons, conservative MP Ed Fast, a former Minister of International Trade, pressed François-Philippe Champagne, the Trudeau government's Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, on issues related to allowing Huawei to participate in Canada's 5G network and the approval of the

Canadian MP Calls for Huawei 5G Ban

During a December 2 session of the Canadian House of Commons, Conservative MP Ed Fast pressed [] François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of of Innovation, Science and Industry in the Trudeau government, on whether a ban on Huawei in Canadian 5G networks

Canadian Senator Introduces Bill To Ban Goods from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region; Senate Discusses Enforcement of Existing Laws

There were two developments last week in the Canadian Senate related to imports of goods made with forced labor, with China specifically mentioned in both instances: (1) Amending existing law and (2) changing how the current law is implemented. First, Canadian Senator Leo Housakos of the opposition Conservative party introduced
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