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WTO Panel Suspended after Chinese Restrictions on Canadian Canola Seeds Removed

In response to the removal of Chinese restrictions on its canola seed exports, Canada has requested the suspension of its WTO complaint on this matter and the WTO panel has agreed to this request.

China Removes Restrictions on Canadian Canola Seeds

The Canadian government announced yesterday that "Canada has been advised that China has reinstated access to its market for two Canadian companies that China Customs had suspended from exporting canola seed to China since March 2019." The Chinese restrictions had been the subject of a Canadian request for

Panel Composed in WTO Complaint Brought By Canada on Canola Seeds

As we reported here [] , on July 26 the WTO established a panel to hear a dispute over Chinese measures restricting imports of canola seeds from Canada (DS589). Today, the WTO announced [

China Agrees To Use Arbitration Appeal Mechanism in WTO Canola Seed Dispute With Canada

In a WTO complaint [] by Canada against Chinese restrictions on the importation of canola seed (DS589), China and Canada have agreed to procedures [] for using an alternative

Canada Moves Forward with WTO Dispute Against Chinese Restrictions on Canola Seeds

In September of 2019, Canada requested WTO consultations with China in relation to Chinese measures restricting imports of canola seeds from Canada. Consultations were held in October of that year but failed to resolve the dispute. In June of 2021, Canada revived the dispute by requesting a panel. China blocked
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