China-ASEAN Relations

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China's Customs Announces Multiple Measures to Prevent Various Disease Outbreaks

Recently, China's Customs announced that it would suspend imports of cloven-hoofed animals and related products from Indonesia due to foot-and-month disease, and impose certain sanitary requirements on containers and cargos from some African countries.

Process for U.S.-Led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework Launched; China Warns of "Supply Chain Crisis"; Countries Likely to Engage with Both

The United States and a dozen countries in the Indo-Pacific region officially launched "the process to establish the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity" (IPEF) today. Among other things, the framework covers digital rules, labor and environmental standards, and supply chain efforts. At this point in time, the prospects for completing

China Lifts Ten-Month Import Ban on Cattle from Laos

China's Customs recently announced that it will lift a 2021 ban on cattle and related products from Laos, effectively immediately.

Singapore PM Says U.S.-China Cooperation Difficult; Indo-Pacific Economic Strategy Should Be Inclusive

Recently, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke to the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, offering his views on U.S.-China relations, China's relationship with the region, and the U.S. strategy in the region.

China and Thailand Sign AEO Action Plan

China and Thailand recently signed an action plan that officially launched bilateral talks on the mutual recognition of certified operators. According to the customs announcement, the two sides will strive to make it "a model for customs cooperation among RCEP member countries."

Chinese Foreign Minister Calls for Mutual Respect, Says Countries Should Not Be Forced To Pick Sides

During a public speech on November 20, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasized peaceful coexistence with the United States and cooperation with ASEAN countries.  He also stated that no one should "force any third party to take sides in competition" or "start vicious competition such as decoupling or disrupting the

Chinese Premier Calls for More Economic Integration with ASEAN

On October 26, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang spoke at the 24th ASEAN Summit. During his speech, he called for further cooperation between China and ASEAN in economic integration, as well as in development, technology innovation, environmental protection and other areas. During the speech, Li stated that: China and ASEAN countries
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