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U.S. Commerce Department Initiates AD/CVD Cases against Asian Countries Linked to Chinese Solar Producers

Last week, the U.S. Commerce Department initiated anti-dumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) investigations on silicon photovoltaic cells from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, with a focus on Chinese-headquartered companies that are producing in those countries.

China and Hungary Tighten Links

Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to Hungary last week led to the signing of 19 economic cooperation and promotion documents, paving the way for more collaboration on technology and new energy, as China faces headwinds in the United States and Europe in these sectors. A number of

U.S. AD/CVD Petitions Filed on Solar Products from Southeast Asia; New Transnational Subsidy Rules To Be Tested

Earlier this week, a group of U.S. solar manufacturers filed AD/CVD petitions against products made by mostly Chinese-owned solar companies operating in four Southeast Asian countries. The Commerce Department's new rules that allow it to examine "transnational" subsidies – i.e., subsidies provided by a

Final U.S. CVD Rules Allow Targeting of Transnational Subsidies

In a final rule to be published on March 25, the U.S. Commerce Department says that "when appropriate," it "will investigate and countervail transnational subsidies (i.e., subsidies provided by a government or public entity in one country that benefit producers or exporters in another country)

China and Angola Sign MOUs on Trade, Investment, and Debt Payment

Last week, during the Angolan President's state visit in China, the two nations renewed their commitments in trade, investment, and cooperation under the BRI.

Australia Makes Submission on Chinese Cross-Border Subsidies in EU-Indonesia WTO Dispute

A recent WTO complaint filed by Indonesia against EU countervailing and anti-dumping duty measures on Indonesian steel imports involves several claims related to subsidies provided by the Chinese government. Australia, acting as a third party in the dispute, has now weighed in with a submission arguing that the subsidies are

China and UAE Sign Deal to Boost Investment in Infrastructure, AI and Technology

On the sideline of the WTO MC13, China's Minister of Commerce met with his counterpart from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and signed a deal on boosting investment in the digital economy.
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