China-France Relations

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Beijing and Paris Sign Deals on Aviation and Nuclear

During Chinese Premier Li Qiang's visit to France last week, the two sides signed multiple cooperation agreements. Li also used the opportunity to stress China's vision of the China-France relationship and a more stable China-EU relationship, although the EU may have a different vision.

China Opens Door to French Pork

As a follow up to the Xi-Macron meeting in April.

China Follows Through on Deals from Xi-Macron Meeting

As a follow up to the Macron-Xi meeting earlier this month, the Chinese government recently started the domestic process of allowing more French food imports, and moved ahead with the regulatory process for two French GI applications.

Business Deals Signed During Macron's China Visit

French President Emmanuel Macron just finished a high-profile state visit in China. Trade and economic cooperation was one of the topics that Macron discussed with Chinese leaders, and a number of agreements on food, aircraft, container ships, and energy were reached and signed last week.

Xi Uses G20 Summit To Talk Trade with World Leaders

On the sideline of the G20 Summit on November 15, Chinese president Xi Jinping met with a number of leaders, from Asia-Pacific and Europe to Africa and South America. When meeting with Asia-Pacific and European countries, Xi emphasized a resilient supply chain and non-discriminatory treatment toward Chinese companies. When talking

China and France Hold High Level Dialogue to Strengthen Cooperation on Trade and Financial Services

On December 13, China and France held the 8th High Level Economic and Financial Dialogue. The two sides discussed cooperation on trade and financial services markets, as well as macroeconomic policy coordination. Chinese Vice-Premier HU Chunhua and French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire co-chaired the Dialogue. According to
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