China-Pacific Islands Relations

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U.S. Congressional Hearing on Pacific Islands Addresses China Threat

Last week, the House Foreign Affairs Committee's Indo-Pacific subcommittee held a hearing on "Renewed U.S. Engagement in the Pacific: Assessing the Importance of the Pacific Islands," with members of Congress asking questions of several Biden administration officials.

China Issues Guidelines for Aquatic Animal Imports from Papua New Guinea

China's customs agency recently released guidelines for imports of edible aquatic animals from Papua New Guinea (PNG), as China becomes one of the world’s largest importers and exporters of aquatic products.

China Allows More Aquatic Products from Papua New Guinea

China's customs agency announced new guidelines for imports of wild aquatic products from Papua New Guinea. This announcement opens the door to more aquatic products from the Pacific country, which are also likely to be helped by the lifting of COVID-related import restrictions that had largely curbed seafood

Chinese Loan Helps Huawei with Solomon Islands Contract for Communications Towers

Last week, the Solomon Islands government announced that it had signed a contract with Huawei for the construction of mobile communications towers, with US$66 million in funding for the deal coming from China's Exim Bank.

China Signs Some Cooperation Documents with Pacific Island Countries

During his recent visit to Pacific Island countries in May, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasized that China is willing to cooperate with these countries in many areas, including trade, and signed some cooperation documents on the economy, the Belt and Road Initiative, and tariffs with a few of these

Beijing Highlights Close Relationship with Pacific Islands ahead of Wang Yi's Visit

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently highlighted the importance of trade relations between China and the Pacific islands, amidst reports revealing that Beijing is seeking more cooperation with Pacific island countries.
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