China-Russia Relations

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New CRS Short Papers on Chinese Foreign Investment and Trade Ties with Russia

Last week, the Congressional Research Service published two short papers on Chinese trade/investment issues, one related to tracking Chinese foreign investments and the other on economic ties with Russia.

Update on China's Balancing Act on the Russian Invasion and Western Sanctions

Last Friday, President Xi Jinping and President Joe Biden met virtually to discuss a number of aspects of U.S.-China relations, including the situation in Ukraine. This piece provides a rundown on the stated positions of the two governments on the issue, offers an overview of the reaction by

Experts Weigh In on Implications for China of Russian Sanctions

At a recent event organized by the University of California San Diego, experts described a tightrope that China is walking in terms of the Western sanctions on Russia. One expert suggested that the United States could lift tariffs imposed on Chinese goods as an olive branch.

Where China Stands on Western Sanctions against Russia

Recently, the United States, the European Union and other nations have announced a wide range of sanctions against Russia. China's initial reaction has been to criticize the use of these sanctions as a matter of principle, but the extent to which it will cooperate with the sanctions remains

China Expands Russian Wheat Imports

China's Customs recently announced that it will allow wheat imports from the entirety of Russia, rather than only certain parts of Russia as was previously the case.

China and Russia Sign 15 Agreements, Including on Gas and Oil

According to the Chinese government, China and Russia recently signed 15 documents on various economic issues, including on green energy development and natural gas/oil, during Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent visit to China.

China Sets out Rules for Beef Imports from Russia

On October 18, China’s General Administration of Customs issued a notice [] (link in Chinese) that would allow imports of beef from Russia if certain requirements are met. It is an implementation of the Protocol on the Inspection, Quarantine
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