China-South Korea Relations

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China, Japan, South Korea Want More Cooperation on Trade

The foreign ministers of China, Japan and South Korea met today for the first trilateral meeting since 2019 to advance cooperation in six areas, including economy and trade. The Chinese foreign minister also called for the restart of trilateral trade talks, as its trade with the two neighboring countries is

China Extends Anti-Dumping Duties on Plastics from Three Neighboring Nations

This week, China's Ministry of Commerce decided to extend the anti-dumping duties on POM copolymer from South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.

Xi Uses G20 Summit To Talk Trade with World Leaders

On the sideline of the G20 Summit on November 15, Chinese president Xi Jinping met with a number of leaders, from Asia-Pacific and Europe to Africa and South America. When meeting with Asia-Pacific and European countries, Xi emphasized a resilient supply chain and non-discriminatory treatment toward Chinese companies. When talking

Chinese Leader Stresses Regional Integration in Recent Meetings, as U.S. Also Plays Up its Relations with the Region

In his recent meetings with leaders of ASEAN and eastern neighbors, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang emphasized the importance of regional integration and supply chains, making use of both current and proposed frameworks. This happened in the same week when the Biden administration also tried to elevate its relationship with countries

China Starts Expiry Review of Anti-Dumping Duties on Plastic from Three Countries

China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) announced that it would start an expiry review of anti-dumping measures imposed on polyformaldehyde copolymer (POM copolymer) from South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia.

China Wants a Close Relationship with South Korea, amidst Pressure from U.S. on Tech

During a recent visit to South Korea, a top Chinese legislator reiterated his hope for strengthening the bilateral relationship, especially in high-tech and supply chains.  So far the rhetoric on both sides has been positive, but whether anything concrete will materialize remains to be seen as South Korea is under

China and South Korea Vow to Work on FTA and Supply Chains

High level officials of China and South Korea met this week and discussed ways to strengthen trade ties, including trade negotiations. This meeting came after South Korea expressed interest in the U.S.-led alliance Chip 4, which is designed to counter China's role in the semiconductor supply chain.
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