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New Working Paper Reviews China's Strategy on Critical Minerals

In a recently posted research paper, three trade law experts offered a detailed examination of China’s strategies and policies related to critical minerals, both inward and outward, arguing that they are designed to address China's internal challenges to secure supplies while ensuring sustainable development, rather than being

Beijing Releases White Paper On Globalization

In a white paper released today, Beijing outlined its vision for globalization, criticizing "protectionism, the erection of fences and barriers, unilateral sanctions, and maximum-pressure tactics," as well as "de-sinicization in the name of derisking."

China Weighs In on Supply Chain Debate

In recent years, U.S. government officials have frequently raised concerns about supply chains, with either explicit or implicit worry about intermediate goods or finished products from China as a key element. In a communication to the WTO last week, China has now offered some thoughts of its own on

Chinese Manufacturing, Investment Uncertain Due to Covid Controls

As data on China's manufacturing and service sectors shows a contraction in November, its future as a manufacturing giant and foreign business destination may depend on whether the government can walk a fine line between safeguarding its people's health and safety while resuming most business and

Xi Uses G20 Summit To Talk Trade with World Leaders

On the sideline of the G20 Summit on November 15, Chinese president Xi Jinping met with a number of leaders, from Asia-Pacific and Europe to Africa and South America. When meeting with Asia-Pacific and European countries, Xi emphasized a resilient supply chain and non-discriminatory treatment toward Chinese companies. When talking

China and Vietnam Agree to Strengthen Supply Chain Amidst Global Supply Chain Reshape

The leaders of China and Vietnam agreed to enhance cooperation in e-commerce, market access, and supply chains, as many international companies relocate their manufacturing from China to South Asian countries.

Chinese Premier Stresses Importance of Trade amidst Government Policies to Facilitate Trade and Supply Chain

During a nation-wide teleconference designed to stabilize the economy, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang emphasized the importance of supporting and enhancing foreign trade and investment. His statements came alongside some new government measures that aim to stabilize and boost foreign trade.
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