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China Requests Further Consultations on U.S. Semiconductor Restrictions

In a WTO consultations request from last week that was made public yesterday, China has supplemented its previous request related to U.S. export restrictions on semiconductors.

China Files Revised WTO Consultations Request in Semiconductor Dispute, Switches to Bilateral Consultations

Last week, China filed a revised version of its WTO consultations request in the dispute over U.S. semiconductor restrictions, switching from "multilateral" consultations that other governments can join to "bilateral" consultations that they cannot.

China's WTO Complaint against U.S. Semiconductor Export Restrictions

Last week, China filed a consultations request at the WTO regarding U.S. export restrictions that were recently imposed on semiconductors and related technology and products. China's legal claims and some practical considerations related to the dispute are summarized below.

Senate Committee Holds Confirmation Hearing for U.S. Agriculture Negotiator, Chinese Export Restrictions Related to Fertilizers Discussed

The U.S. Senate Finance Committee held a confirmation hearing today for agriculture negotiator Douglas McKalip, and during the hearing McKalip brought up the issue of Chinese restrictions on urea and similar products.

New U.S. Senate Bill Would Prohibit Oil Exports to China

Two Republican Senators have introduced legislation that would ban the export of oil and petroleum products to China.

China Further Curbs Steel Exports

On July 29, China announced that it would again adjust the export tariffs for certain steel products (including ferrochrome and high-purity pig iron), and cancel export tax rebates for some steel products (including cold-rolled products and hot-dipped galvanized coil). The decisions were announced through two separate notices and will take
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