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UK Parliament Debates Restrictions on Chinese Surveillance Cameras

Last week, the UK's House of Lords discussed an amendment to a procurement bill that would further exclude Chinese-made surveillance technology from the supply chain.

UK Parliament Debates Electric Bus Manufacturing, Competition with China

At the UK parliament last week, there was a discussion of the importance of electric bus manufacturing in the United Kingdom, during which concerns were expressed that Chinese electric buses were a threat to UK bus manufacturers.

Biden Administration Official Discusses Chinese Scanners at Mexico Border

At a think tank event yesterday, Assistant Secretary of State Todd Robinson discussed Chinese scanning equipment being used in operations at the Mexico-U.S. border, and emphasized the Biden administration's security and economic concerns with such a practice.

Think Tank Study Looks at U.S. Federal/State Purchases of Chinese Equipment

A new report from a Washington D.C.-based think tank examines federal and state procurement of tech equipment, and concludes that state-level purchases of Chinese equipment are a significant problem, and that better coordination of federal and state policies is needed to address it.

Coverage of State Bans on Chinese Government-Linked Firms in Public Procurement May Be Broader Than Anticipated

We reported last month that some states in the United States have adopted rules that prohibit state government purchases from companies owned or operated by the Chinese government. The potential scope of the companies covered by this restriction is unclear at this point, but some experts have put forward broad

Procurement Bans on Goods, Services from Chinese-Government Linked Companies May Start Proliferating in U.S. States

U.S. state level laws that prohibit purchases from companies owned or operated by the Chinese government may start proliferating, as several states have moved forward with their laws and a national conservative organization is pushing them. An example from earlier this year is legislation enacted in the state of

Florida Governor Takes Actions against Chinese Cyber, Investment Threats

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced several actions related to the activities of Chinese companies in Florida, including on data practices and land purchases.
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