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Chinese Chamber of Commerce Questions Fairness, Transparency, and WTO-Consistency of EU's FSR Investigations

In a statement today, China's Chamber of Commerce to the EU (CCCEU) criticized the EU's enforcement of the Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR) as "selective" and "discriminatory," and questioned its WTO-consistency.

Chinese-Linked Solar Companies Withdraw Procurement Bid In Response to EU Subsidies Investigation

The European Commission announced today that in response to investigations under the Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR), two consortia that include Chinese solar companies had withdrawn their bid for a Romanian procurement contract.

EU Official Notice Provides More Detail on Chinese Procurement Investigation

The EU has published its official notice of initiation of an investigation concerning Chinese "measures and practices" in the public procurement market for medical devices.

EU Starts First Investigation under International Procurement Instrument

Today, the European Commission initiated its first investigation under its International Procurement Instrument (IPI), in response to measures and practices in the Chinese procurement market for medical devices which it says "discriminate unfairly against European companies and products."

China Pushes Back against EU Subsidy Investigations and Market Distortion Report

Today, officials from China's Ministry of Commerce discussed recent EU subsidy investigations against Chinese producers and an EU report on state-induced distortions in China's economy with their EU counterparts.

China Renews Efforts to Use Domestic Products in Government IT System

Multiple reports revealed that China has ramped up a campaign to phase out foreign products and software in government computers and servers with domestic replacements, a renewed effort in a decade-long push for securing government IT products and systems.

Latest USTR Foreign Trade Barriers Report Reiterates Prior Concerns, Identifies New Chinese Measures

Last week, the U.S. Trade Representative's Office issued its 2024 report on foreign trade barriers. The section on Chinese laws and regulations is mostly the same as the previous year, but new concerns on government procurement, labor, and export restrictions have been added.
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