US-Taiwan Trade

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U.S. and Taiwan Wrap Up Second Round of Trade Talks

Officials from the United States and Taiwan held the second round of negotiations for the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st Century Trade this week in Taipei, and delivered some results that a Taiwanese top official said he is "quite satisfied with."

U.S. House of Representatives Passes Defense Bill, Including Various China Provisions

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the annual defense spending bill, which includes a number of provisions that address various China trade and economic issues. The Senate is expected to vote on the bill this week.

U.S. and Taiwan Wrap Up Second 21st-Century Trade Talks Meeting

Government officials from the U.S. and Taiwan met this week to discuss the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade. The negotiation is still at the early stages, although a timeline set by Taiwanese officials earlier this year indicated that some agreements could be reached by the end of

Taiwan and U.S. To Hold Talks under Initiative on 21st-Century Trade

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, the U.S. and Taiwan will hold meetings in New York City on the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade.

Taiwan Trade Officials Offer Updates on Trade Talks with U.S. and CPTPP

Taiwan's trade officials said that while they are still working on finalizing the time and place of the first formal round of trade negotiations with the United States, bilateral talks "through every means" are happening at the same time, and that "early harvest lists" are expected to be reached by

Experts Talk U.S.-Taiwan Trade

At a think tank event yesterday, trade experts discussed issues related to trade with Taiwan, including Chinese economic coercion, U.S.-Taiwan trade talks, and the CPTPP. The Hudson Institute event was moderated by Riley Walters of Hudson, and featured Abby Fu of Hudson, Wendy Cutler of the Asia Society

Taiwan Representatives Visit US to Boost Collaboration on High-Tech and 5G

Taiwanese government officials and representatives of tech companies visited the United States last week to boost bilateral collaboration on 5G, semiconductors, and renewable energy. The Taiwanese government estimated that the trip would generate nearly 1 billion USD worth of R&D investment and new orders for Taiwanese businesses.
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