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U.S. Commerce Department Sets Preliminary Glass Wine Bottles CVD Rates

Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced its preliminary affirmative determination in the countervailing duty (CVD) investigation of certain glass wine bottles from China.

Raimondo Testimony at Senate Budget Hearing Touches on Tariff Evasion through Third Country Production, Auto Data Concerns

At a Senate budget hearing last week, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo discussed how to negotiate with the Chinese government on trade, tariff evasion through Chinese production in third countries, and data gathered by Chinese connected vehicles.

U.S. Adds 37 Chinese Entities to Blacklist

Today, the Department of Commerce added 37 Chinese entities to the export control entity list, 11 of which were punished for their involvement in the balloon saga last February.

U.S. AD/CVD Petitions Filed on Solar Products from Southeast Asia; New Transnational Subsidy Rules To Be Tested

Earlier this week, a group of U.S. solar manufacturers filed AD/CVD petitions against products made by mostly Chinese-owned solar companies operating in four Southeast Asian countries. The Commerce Department's new rules that allow it to examine "transnational" subsidies – i.e., subsidies provided by a

First Meeting of China-U.S. Commercial Issues Working Group

Last week, Chinese MOFCOM officials led by vice minister Wang Shouwen visited the United States for the first vice-ministerial meeting of the bilateral Commercial Issues Working Group, a communication mechanism created last year.

Final U.S. AD/CVD Rules Allow Targeting of Inaction on Property, IP, Labor, Environment, Human Rights

Under a final rule published today, the U.S. Commerce Department will take into account "nonexistent, weak, or ineffective property (including intellectual property), human rights, labor, and environmental protections" in various ways as part of its anti-dumping/countervailing duty calculations. Chinese products are likely to be targeted here,

Final U.S. CVD Rules Allow Targeting of Transnational Subsidies

In a final rule to be published on March 25, the U.S. Commerce Department says that "when appropriate," it "will investigate and countervail transnational subsidies (i.e., subsidies provided by a government or public entity in one country that benefit producers or exporters in another country)
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