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China Launches Trade Barrier Investigation Against Taiwan

China's Ministry of Commerce announced today that it will start a trade barrier investigation against Taiwan's long-standing import bans on over 2,000 items from China. This is the third trade barrier investigation that China has launched in its history, and the first case in the last decade. Taiwan's government

China Suspends Some Meat Imports due to Animal Disease Concerns

China's Customs agency issued multiple notices recently to suspend poultry, pork and horse products from certain countries in the wake of animal diseases.

New U.S. Research Looks at Foreign Ownership of U.S. Land

A new research note looks at the extent of Chinese and other foreign ownership of U.S. land. This issue has been controversial in the U.S. Congress and in state governments in recent months, with various proposals to restrict this investment.

U.S. Senate Committee Hearing Addresses Chinese Land Purchases

At a U.S. Senate hearing yesterday, several Senators raised concerns about Chinese purchases of U.S. farmland, and proposed expanding the role of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) in reviewing these transactions.

China Suspends Meat Product Imports from Certain Countries due to Animal Disease Concerns

China's Customs recently announced import suspensions on poultry products and other animal products from certain countries due to animal disease outbreaks. On the other hand, it also lifted a decade-long import ban on animal products from Colombia.

Members of U.S. Congress Introduce Legislation Restricting Farmland Purchases Associated with Chinese Government

A group of Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives has put forward a new effort to restrict farmland purchases associated with the Chinese government, following a number of other similar legislative efforts.

U.S. Air Force Official Warns of Security Risks of Chinese Corn Mill Investment in North Dakota

A Chinese investment in a North Dakota corn mill facility was formally approved by a U.S. federal government body last month, but there is continued political pressure to block the investment. A U.S. Air Force official has now weighed in with concerns.
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