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Biden Administration Further Cracks Down On Huawei Ahead of Blinken Visit

Multiple media sources have reported that the Biden Administration has stopped issuing licenses for all exports of U.S. products to China's tech giant Huawei, extending an existing ban on sales to Huawei. This will be another blow to Huawei's business, and could further increase the tension in the already

BIS Adds YMTC and 35 Chinese Companies to the Entity List

The U.S. government added Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. (YMTC) and more than 30 other companies to the Entity List, making it nearly impossible for these companies to have access to U.S. technology and products governed under the export control regime.

Biden Administration Ratchets up Chip Restrictions, Targets YMTC and Others

The Biden administration plans to add more Chinese companies, including a major chip maker, to its trade blacklist. In response, a Chinese official called the U.S. moves "blatant economic coercion and bullying."

U.S. Commerce Department Official Weighs In on China Export Control Enforcement Issues

At a CSIS event yesterday, Alan Estevez, Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), discussed a number of issues on export control enforcement as it relates to China, offering updates on efforts to cooperate with allies and on how new regulations announced last

U.S. Trade Official Talks Trade and Security, Export Controls Related to China

Earlier this month, a U.S. Commerce Department official spoke at a conference and briefly explained the role of new export control rules to be applied to advanced technology for sale to China.

Leading House Republican Presses Commerce Department on Licensing Data for Chips, Supercomputers

A Republican Congressman who is active on China trade and tech issues is pushing the Biden administration on its implementation of the newly announced rules on export controls for semiconductors and supercomputers.

U.S. Commerce Department Official Comments on Recent U.S. Export Control Actions

At a think tank event last week, a Commerce Department official offered comments and explanations on the recent decision to implement additional export controls on semiconductors and supercomputer products. With regard to a "China review," he noted that it will only be completed "when the Chinese change their behavior."
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