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New Report Examines Chinese Lending in Kenya and Impact on Mombasa Port

A new paper from a research center at Johns Hopkins University examines the controversy over Chinese lending for a Kenyan railway and the possible seizure of a Kenyan port, which has been put forward as an example of China's "debt trap diplomacy." The paper concludes as follows: "we believe that

Hong Kong Court Rejects Effort To Move Port Dispute Legal Proceedings to Djibouti

In a ruling last week, the Court of Appeal of the High Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region upheld a judge's decision that a contract dispute between a Dubai company and a Chinese company related to a Djibouti port should not be moved from the Hong Kong courts

Australia and NZ Trade Ministers Comment on CPTPP and China Trade Issues

At a joint press conference [https://www.trademinister.gov.au/minister/dan-tehan/transcript/press-conference-new-zealand-trade-minister] on November 19 after their meeting, Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Dan Tehan and New Zealand Minister for Trade and Export Growth Damien O'Connor were asked about a number of trade issues related to

Australian Senator Raises Concern About Chinese-Owned Port Restricting Coal Exports

In an Australian parliamentary session this week, Senator Sarah Henderson raised concerns about the Newcastle, Australia port, which is 50% owned by a Chinese state-owned company, imposing restrictions on coal exports. This has been a recurring issue that has arisen several times in recent months, in the context of a
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