China-Lithuania Relations

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European Commission Approves Lithuanian Funding To Support Companies Affected by Chinese Trade Restrictions

The European Commission announced yesterday that it had approved "a €130 million Lithuanian scheme to support and facilitate access to finance by companies affected by the exceptional circumstances resulting from China's discriminatory trade restrictions on Lithuania."

China Announces Import Measures Related to Myanmar and Lithuania

Recently China announced that it would allow corn imports from Myanmar, while suspending wood imports from Lithuania.

China Officially Suspends Imports of Lithuanian Beef and Dairy

So far, the China - EU/Lithuania political and trade dispute has been based largely on allegations that are difficult to verify. However, there are now official Chinese government documents that indicate a suspension of some imports from Lithuania, although there is still little in the way of explanation for

EU Requests WTO Consultations on Chinese Trade Restrictions against Lithuania

In response to concerns about Chinese restrictions on trade with Lithuania, which resulted from Lithuanian actions related to Taiwan, the EU has now filed a consultations request at the WTO. This piece examines the factual and legal aspects of the request, along with the EU's explanations in a press release

Lithuania/EU-China Dispute Continues, Expands as Taiwan and U.S. Weigh In

The tensions between Lithuania/the European Union and China over Taiwan's new office in Vilnius are continuing, with some efforts by certain actors that may be intended to tone things down. At the same time, officials in the United States and Taiwan have both made public comments on the dispute
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