China-Lithuania Relations

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U.S. Makes Third Party Submissions in WTO Dispute on China's Lithuania Trade Restrictions

In two recent third party submissions in the dispute between the EU and China related to Chinese restrictions on Lithuanian goods, the U.S. focused on the issue of whether there is evidence that a "measure" exists and the nature of that measure.

Lithuania's Exports to China Recover To Some Extent

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said in a recent interview that "most of the economic pressure measures [from Beijing] against Lithuania have been lifted." A deeper dive into its trade data with China indicates that while there has been a partial recovery from the trade disruptions of last

Experts: Possible Chinese Defenses in the EU-China WTO Dispute

The dispute between the European Union and China on China's trade measures targeting Lithuania is moving forward. CTM discussed a few key legal issues in the case with several trade law experts.

WTO Dispute Updates: Timetable Announced for Dispute on Lithuania Restrictions; Australia Wine Tariff Settlement Possible

Over the past few days, there have been developments in two WTO disputes involving China: The EU complaint against alleged Chinese restrictions on trade with Lithuania; and the Australian complaint against Chinese wine tariffs.

U.S.-Lithuania Meetings Focus on China and Taiwan Economic Relations

This week, Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabrielius Landsbergis was in Washington, D.C. to meet with several Biden administration officials, and relations with China were a main focus.

Taiwan Announces Investments in Lithuania as New Trade Office Opens in Taiwan

Taiwanese officials gave a recent update on the progress of financial support and government efforts to bolster investment and trade with Lithuania, as the two sides pursue closer diplomatic ties. So far this year, bilateral trade between the two has mostly remained flat (with 1% growth) compared to last year.

Lithuania and Taiwan Meet To Bolster High-Tech Trade

Lithuanian trade officials and business representatives are visiting Taiwan this week to strengthen trade cooperation in high technology.
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