Chinese Economic Coercion

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MERICS Report on Managing China’s Economic Coercion

In a new paper entitled "Fasten your seatbelts: How to manage China’s economic coercion" published by European think tank MERICS, authors Aya Adachi, Alexander Brown and Max J. Zenglein offer a number of insights into the use of economic coercion by the Chinese government and how it has affected

U.S. House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee Holds Hearing on "Gray Zone Coercion" in Indo-Pacific

A U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs subcommittee held a hearing last month that focused on Chinese "Gray Zone Coercion in the Indo-Pacific."

U.S. Senate Hearing Addresses Global Leadership and Economic Statecraft

At a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing today, U.S. Senators offered their views on, and asked Biden administration officials about, issues such as China's trade measures against Lithuania and telecoms competition around the world.

Biden Administration Officials, Agencies Criticize Chinese Influence, Technology Theft

Last week, two key U.S. government offices, along with a British counterpart, weighed in on issues related to Chinese coercive influence and theft of U.S. technology.

Cybersecurity Firm Reports on Chinese Influence Campaign on Rare Earth Mining

A cybersecurity firm that tracks Chinese influence campaigns has reported on specific activity in the rare earth mining sector.

U.S. Commission Issues Report on China’s Economic Coercion Against Intel, Sam’s Club, and Walmart

A U.S. government body has issued a report on China's economic coercion against several U.S. companies in response to actions they took related to sourcing of products.

Two Events Discuss the Issue of Trade Coercion

Two events today discussed the problem of trade coercion. The first, entitled " Responding to Trade Coercion: A Growing Threat to the Global Trading System [] ," was put on by the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) and the Perth USAsia Centre, and talked about responses to trade
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