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U.S. Trade Rep. Tai Testifies to House Committee on Biden Administration's Trade Agenda

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai testified today before the House Ways and Means Committee, discussing various aspects of the Biden administration's trade policy agenda with members of the committee. We highlight here a number of comments made by Tai and the committee members on issues related to China trade

China Ready to Talk About All Provisions in CPTPP, Say Commerce Officials

Chinese commerce officials recently said at a press conference that China is "ready to conduct detailed communication and consultation with relevant member states on all issues and provisions of the CPTPP" and they believe that the pact is "consistent with the general direction of China's reform and opening up."

Australian Parliamentary Committee Issues Report on Expanding CPTPP Membership, Discussing Applications of China and Taiwan

An Australian Parliamentary Committee has completed a detailed inquiry into expanding the CPTPP, and has made recommendations related to the applications of both China and Taiwan.

Taiwan Loosens Food Import Restrictions on Five Japanese Prefectures, with Eye on CPTPP

Taiwanese officials recently announced that they would loosen an import ban on food from five Japanese prefectures, which was put in place eleven years ago due to concerns over radiation in food produced near the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. During the same event, officials also updated the progress

House Ways and Means Committee Hearing Discusses Chinese Trade Practices

At a December 2 House Ways and Means Committee hearing on "Supporting U.S. Workers, Businesses, and the Environment in the Face of Unfair Chinese Trade Practices," a number of witnesses testified, and members of Congress asked questions and made statements about various aspects of Chinese trade practices, as well

New Congressional Legislation Addresses "U.S. Trade Leadership in the Indo-Pacific and China"

Two Republican members of the House Ways and Means Committee – Darin LaHood (IL) and Carol Miller (WV) – have introduced the U.S. Trade Leadership in the Indo-Pacific and China Act. The bill has two parts, one addressing the Indo-Pacific and one addressing China.  In this piece, we examine the details

Chinese Legal Scholar Speaks at Webinar on "Two Decades of China in the WTO: The View from China"

In a webinar hosted by the U.S.-Asia Law Institute on "Two Decades of China in the WTO: The View from China," Manjiao Chi, professor and founding director of the Center for International Economic Law and Policy at the Law School of the University of International Business and Economics,
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