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Canada Orders Divestiture of Investments by Three Chinese Companies in Canadian Critical Minerals

The Canadian government announced yesterday that it had ordered the divestiture of investments by three Chinese companies in Canadian critical mineral companies operating in both Canada and in South America.

Germany Finds Compromise on Port Purchase, Still Searching for Broader China Strategy

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz seems to be sending friendly signals toward Beijing ahead of his state visit early next month, with the latest effort being help in crafting a compromise on a Chinese company's purchase of a minority stake in a container port in Hamburg.

Controversy in Germany over Possible Sale of Port of Hamburg to Chinese Company

A proposed purchase by a Chinese company of a stake in an important German port has led to divisions within the German government, and prospects for regulatory approval are uncertain.

Chinese Company Pursues Investment Claim against Ecuador Government over Mine Dispute

After protests put a halt to its mining operations, a Chinese company running a gold mine in Ecuador has brought a lawsuit against the Ecuadorian government under a China-Ecuador bilateral investment treaty.

Michigan Lures Chinese Battery Maker Investment with Subsidies

The state of Michigan has offered a Chinese electric vehicle battery manufacturer a package of subsidies in order to attract an investment in battery-making facilities.

ZTE Makes 5G Deal in Thailand

Last week, Chinese tech company ZTE moved forward on a deal with a Thai company that is intended to lead to production and innovation in the 5G sector in Thailand.

Chinese Auto Maker NIO Eyes Lithium Sources

Chinese electronic vehicle (EV) maker NIO is making a big investment to secure its access to lithium, a raw material used in EV batteries.
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