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Exclusive Interview: Africa’s Perspective on China Trade, Investment, and Lending

Chinese President Xi Jinping is visiting Africa this week, meeting with President of South Africa Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa and co-chairing the China-Africa Leaders' Dialogue. During his visit, Xi emphasized "China-Africa unity and cooperation". What's the outlook for trade relations between China and the continent? How

Congressional Hearing Raises Concerns about World Bank Contracts Benefiting China

At a recent hearing in the U.S. House of Representatives, members of Congress discussed concerns with the number of World Bank contracts awarded to Chinese companies and with World Bank lending to China, as well as with Chinese lending to developing countries more generally.

Study: Chinese Rescue Loans are "Bailouts on the Belt and Road"

A recent report published by researchers from the World Bank and several academic institutions describes China as an emerging lender of rescue loans over the past two decades. Analyzing 128 rescue loans worth $240 billion, the report sets out some distinctions between Chinese lending and lending by other governments and

New Report on Chinese Lending in Latin America and the Caribbean

A new report by a pair of scholars looks at Chinese lending in Latin America and the Caribbean, concluding that while loan amounts remain low by historical standards, the increase in lending this year "is indicative of continued Chinese interest in establishing strong diplomatic ties across the region."

Outgoing World Bank Head Talks China Lending; New Legislation Introduced on Issue

World Bank lending to China was in the news twice last week, as the outgoing President of the World Bank discussed it in an interview and a group of U.S. Senators introduced legislation on the issue.

U.S./Chinese Leaders Spar on Zambia Debt Issues

U.S. Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen's recent statements on China being a "barrier" to resolving the debt issues in Zambia provoked a harsh response from the Chinese government.

China's Foreign Minister Visits Africa, Talks Debt and Other Support

This week, China's new Foreign Minister Qin Gang is visiting Africa to "deepen the China-Africa comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership and boost friendly cooperation between China and Africa."
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