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Xi-Scholz Meeting: Industrial Cooperation, Market Access, and Sustainability

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with German chancellor Olaf Scholz today during Scholz's three-day China trip. Xi defended China's exports and called for bilateral collaboration, especially in machinery, automobiles, and the green transition, while Scholz highlighted market access and the regulatory environment in China.

Final U.S. AD/CVD Rules Allow Targeting of Inaction on Property, IP, Labor, Environment, Human Rights

Under a final rule published today, the U.S. Commerce Department will take into account "nonexistent, weak, or ineffective property (including intellectual property), human rights, labor, and environmental protections" in various ways as part of its anti-dumping/countervailing duty calculations. Chinese products are likely to be targeted here,

China Continues Call for WTO Discussions of Carbon Border Adjustments

China has submitted a communication to the WTO on "policy issues for dedicated multilateral discussions on border carbon adjustment," in which it raises a wide range of questions about these measures that it believes should be discussed by WTO Members, putting out a challenge to WTO Members such

U.S. Senators' "Pollution Fee" Bill Targets China

Last week, two Republican U.S. Senators introduced a bill that targets China, Russia, and other countries whose manufacturing and natural resource processing involve relatively high carbon emissions.

U.S. Commerce Department Considering AD/CVD Rule Changes for Inaction on IP, Labor, Environment, Human Rights

The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) has announced proposed rule changes that would take into account "inaction" by foreign governments in a number of policy areas as part of the calculation of anti-dumping and countervailing duties.

China and Germany Sign Deals on Energy, Environment and Other Issues

During Chinese Premier Li Qiang's visit to Germany this week, the two sides agreed to collaborate on energy and environment, food security and debt issues. While both sides sent positive signals for continued economic engagement, they also used the opportunity to express concerns over the other sides'

China Proposes Multilateral Discussions on Trade Aspects/Implications of Environmental Measures

At the March 15 meeting of the WTO Committee on Trade and Environment (CTE), China presented its proposal for "dedicated multilateral discussions on the trade aspects and implications of certain environmental measures." According to a Geneva-based trade official, China said at the meeting that it would like to
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