Foreign Investment in China

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White House Official Comments on CHIPS Act and Outbound Investment Screening

At an event last Friday, a White House official offered some comments on the CHIPS Act and the outbound investment screening mechanism that has been in the news recently, both of which aim at maintaining U.S. technological advantages over China. The goal is to maintain an "absolute advantage" "over

U.S. Debate over Outbound Investment Screening Heats Up

The discussion of U.S. legislative or executive action on outbound investment screening, with a focus on American investments in China, is heating up.

Chinese Officials Strive to Stabilize Foreign Investment, But Can They?

Chinese officials are making an effort to stabilize major foreign investments in the nation, but some key obstacles and challenges for foreign investors, as illustrated by recent comments from European and American business groups and experts, seem unlikely to be resolved in the near future.

U.S. Banks Pressed on Chinese Business at Congressional Hearing

At a Congressional hearing earlier this week, a Republican Congressman pressed several banking executives about their willingness to do business with China.

At Think Tank Event, White House Official Comments on CFIUS, U.S. Outbound Investment Screening

The Atlantic Council and the Center for a New American Security co-hosted an event today on "Designing an outbound investment mechanism," during which the authors of a new report described their policy recommendations and a Biden administration official offered comments.

Raimondo Spells Out China "Guardrails" on CHIPS Act Funding

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo offered some comments yesterday on the implementation of the CHIPS Act's subsidies to semiconductor companies and how restrictions on investing in China might be applied.

Surveys of Chinese and U.S. Businesses Show Stresses on Bilateral Economic Relationship

Surveys carried out by Chinese and U.S. business groups show that their companies are facing some headwinds in the other's market. Growing tensions between the two nations remain a big challenge for companies in both markets, and China's COVID related measures are also a major problem for American businesses.
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