Foreign Investment in China

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Law Journal Article Looks at Concurrent Proceedings under Chinese BITs and Domestic Courts

A recent article in the ICSID Review examines a German investment in China, and how a government expropriation was challenged in domestic courts and before an international tribunal.

China Attempts to Broaden Sectors that Welcome Foreign Investment

China's state planner recently issued a draft of the catalogue of sectors in which foreign investment is encouraged. The draft expanded the encouraged sectors to cover agriculture, equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as technical services. It also encourages investment in China's northeastern, central and western regions.

Beijing Revises Regulations on Foreign Investment in Telecom

Starting on May 1, a set of new rules governing foreign-invested telecom companies came into effect. The new rules leave room for the government to lift the current cap on foreign investment in the sector, and to streamline the licensing procedure.

Beijing Issues 2021 Report on IP Protection and Business Environment

A Chinese government office recently issued a report on its intellectual property protection and business environment in 2021, covering new laws and regulations, the government's implementation of the law in enhancing intellectual property protection, lowering market barriers and maintaining fair competition in the market.

U.S. Trade Association Warns of "Uniquely Restrictive" Data Rules in China

The US-China Business Council recently issued a report on China's data/cybersecurity regulatory regime, which it described as "uniquely restrictive." It further laid out the primary challenges that American firms are facing in complying with the laws.

EU Chamber of Commerce Puts Forward Recommendations for South West China Cities

The European Union Chamber of Commerce recently released a report detailing recommendations to improve the business environment and development in the southwest region of China.

Republican Senators Push To Keep Federal Employee Retirement Savings from Chinese Firms that Undermine U.S. National Security

U.S. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), and Tom Cotton (R-AR) sent a letter to four of President Biden’s nominees to serve on the Federal Thrift Retirement Investment Board, requesting that they "commit to withholding the retirement savings of U.S. service members and other federal employees
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