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Japanese Professor Raises Questions about WTO Claim against China Related to Water Release Dispute

In a new post at the EJIL: Talk blog, Japanese professor Yoshimichi Ishikawa examines the prospects for a Japanese WTO complaint against Chinese import restrictions imposed in response to the Japanese release of water contaminated by radiation.

Chinese Leader Stresses Regional Integration in Recent Meetings, as U.S. Also Plays Up its Relations with the Region

In his recent meetings with leaders of ASEAN and eastern neighbors, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang emphasized the importance of regional integration and supply chains, making use of both current and proposed frameworks. This happened in the same week when the Biden administration also tried to elevate its relationship with countries

China and Thailand Sign AEO Action Plan

China and Thailand recently signed an action plan that officially launched bilateral talks on the mutual recognition of certified operators. According to the customs announcement, the two sides will strive to make it "a model for customs cooperation among RCEP member countries."

Professor Julien Chaisse Discusses Hong Kong's Application to Join RCEP

Hong Kong recently announced [https://asia.nikkei.com/Economy/Trade/Hong-Kong-applies-to-join-RCEP-trade-agreement] that it had applied to join the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement, the 15 nation trade agreement in the Asian Pacific region. CTM talked with Professor Julien Chaisse [https://www.cityu.edu.hk/slw/about-school/our-people/professor-chaisse-julien] of the

Chinese Premier Calls for More Economic Integration with ASEAN

On October 26, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang spoke at the 24th ASEAN Summit. During his speech [http://english.www.gov.cn/premier/speeches/202110/27/content_WS61788ebfc6d0df57f98e3dd0.html] , he called for further cooperation between China and ASEAN in economic integration, as well as in development, technology innovation, environmental protection and
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