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Trade in Travel Service Rebounds Quickly in China; More Focus on Services Trade

Data from China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) shows that over the first ten months of 2023, services trade totaled 5.34 trillion yuan (about US$750 billion), with imports growing nearly a quarter, thanks to the recovery of travel services. Meanwhile, Beijing is trying to expand digital services trade, which

Chinese Leaders Say China Will Open More Services Sectors

This statement came after China signed the first FTA that contains negative lists for services trade and investment.

China Issues the First Negative List for Services Trade

On July 23, China released its first negative list for cross-border trade in services. The document entitled Special Administrative Measures for Cross-Border Services Trade at Hainan Free Trade Port (Negative List) (2021 Edition) ( 海南自由贸易港跨境服务贸易特别管理措施(负面清单) []) will only apply within
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