China-Europe Relations

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China Allows Imports of Serbian Pet Food

As a FTA negotiation officially launched.

Chinese Battery Company Plans Investment in Sweden

Chinese battery company Putailai New Energy Technology (PTL) announced that it will build a facility in Sweden to be part of the battery production supply chain in the region.

Ukraine Designates Xiaomi as "War Sponsor"

Last week, the Ukraine government designated Chinese phone company Xiaomi as an "international war sponsor". Xiaomi expressed its strong objection in response, as the listing may hurt Xiaomi's international image and financial position.

Xi Uses G20 Summit To Talk Trade with World Leaders

On the sideline of the G20 Summit on November 15, Chinese president Xi Jinping met with a number of leaders, from Asia-Pacific and Europe to Africa and South America. When meeting with Asia-Pacific and European countries, Xi emphasized a resilient supply chain and non-discriminatory treatment toward Chinese companies. When talking

Congress Considers Legislation To Push Back Against Chinese Telecoms Equipment in Central/Eastern Europe

Both the U.S. Senate and House are considering legislation that attempts to push Central and Eastern European countries away from using Chinese telecoms equipment such as that of Huawei or ZTE. The Senate bill was just recently introduced; the House bill was introduced in May and  could undergo a
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