China-Europe Relations

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China and Serbia Sign FTA

China and Serbia signed a free trade agreement (FTA) this week, as the bilateral trade between the two has risen in recent years. Serbia's possible accession to the European Union, however, puts the future of the FTA in question.

Chinese Battery Materials Makers Eye Overseas Investments

Two Chinese battery materials makers recently announced investment plans in Europe and Africa to meet the growing global demand.

China-Germany Financial Dialogue

Over the weekend, China's Vice Premier He Lifeng and Germany's federal minister of finance Christian Lindner co-chaired the third financial dialogue in Frankfurt. The two sides made commitments on trade, investment, and regulatory cooperation.

Leaders of China and Italy Talk Trade and BRI

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani visited China this week, and issues related to bilateral trade and the Beijing-led Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) were among the topics discussed.

Belgium-China Meeting on Food Exports

Chinese customs officials met with their Belgian counterparts last month and reached a number of agreements that will pave the way for more Belgian food exports. This came after China lifted a decade-long import ban on Belgian beef due to mad cow disease.

Beijing and Paris Sign Deals on Aviation and Nuclear

During Chinese Premier Li Qiang's visit to France last week, the two sides signed multiple cooperation agreements. Li also used the opportunity to stress China's vision of the China-France relationship and a more stable China-EU relationship, although the EU may have a different vision.

China Talks to Poland about Expanding Trade

Chinese customs officials visited Poland last week and set the foundation to allow the resumption of imports of Polish beef, as well as market access for Polish berries and pet food.
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