China-South America Relations

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High Level China-Brazil Meeting Yields Some Sectoral and Other Trade Deals

Chinese and Brazilian government officials met this week, reaching several agreements on various Brazilian exports to China. They also touched upon cooperation on taxes, digital economy, innovation and supply chains.

China and Argentina Partner on Trade, Investment and BRI

During a recent meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Argentine President Alberto Fernández, the two governments signed multiple documents indicating more collaboration on trade, investment, currency, and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Ecuador and China Looking to Enhance Economic Ties; Trade Deal Is on the Agenda

On the sidelines of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics over the weekend, China and Ecuador signed a memorandum on the official launch of the negotiations of a China-Ecuador free trade agreement, and also discussed debt renegotiations.

Brazil-China Beef Trade Held Up Due to Mad Cow Cases

The Brazilian government is reportedly anxious about renewing its beef trade with China after a suspension of Brazilian exports due to cases of mad cow disease. It seems as though China is taking longer than expected to resolve the issue with its Brazilian counterparts. Brazil is a major source of
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