China-South America Relations

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South American Countries Want Trade Talks with China

A Peruvian trade official stated that Peru and China will resume trade talks to upgrade their bilateral trade agreement soon, while Uruguay plans to expand exports to China with potential trade talks.

China, Ecuador Sign FTA

After months of negotiations, China and Ecuador signed a bilateral trade agreement last week. This makes Ecuador the fourth country in the Latin American region to have a trade agreement with China.

Argentina Says It Will Settle Chinese Imports in Yuan

Argentine Economy Minister Sergio Massa announced last week that Argentina agreed to make payments for Chinese imports in Yuan rather than U.S. dollars, in an effort to maintain its reserves of U.S. dollars.

President Lula's Visit Delivers A Number of Bilateral Agreements

Brazilian President Lula da Silva visited China last week, and the two sides signed a number of agreements related to trade, investment, lending, space exploration, technology and innovation. However, there was no announcement on Brazil joining the BRI, despite the hopes of some on both sides.

China and Brazil Bolster Cooperation

A planned trip by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to China was postponed indefinitely due to the president's illness. Nonetheless, it did not stop a series of agreements on bilateral cooperation from being announced in recent weeks. These new agreements cover a number of areas, including currency, construction,

China and Brazil Sign MOU on RMB Clearing

China's central bank announced today that it signed a memorandum of understanding on Chinese yuan (RMB) clearing arrangements with Brazil's central bank. While China has pushed for broader use of its currency for cross-border transactions, progress in making the RMB a leading global currency for cross-border payments has been limited.

Ecuador Government: Trade Agreement with China Lowers Tariffs for 99% of Ecuador Exports

After ten months of trade negotiations, government officials from China and Ecuador revealed that the bulk of the agreement has been concluded, with only some procedural steps left to be completed. As bilateral trade has grown steadily over the past couple years, the agreement is expected to further bolster trade
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