China-South America Relations

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China and Ecuador Restructure Debt, Continue Trade Talks

Last week, China and Ecuador announced an agreement to restructure Ecuador's $4.4 billion in outstanding debt, and also advanced trade talks and said they hoped to reach a trade deal by December.

China Opens Door to Brazilian Soy Protein

The Chinese government announced that it will allow imports of soy protein from Brazil, effectively immediately.

Prospects for Chinese Lithium Mining in Chile

Chile has long been considered a relatively free market-oriented bastion in South America, with more openness to foreign investment and trade than most countries on the continent. In recent years, though, there have been rising protests from the left against existing economic policies, with concerns raised about inequality and unfairness.

China Allows More Imports from Brazil

China's Customs agency is allowing more imports of goods from Brazil, with new guidelines for imported soybean meal and orange fiber pellets.

China Begins to Sell Pears to Ecuador

China's Customs agency recently set out guidelines for its exporters to sell fresh pears to Ecuador.

China Allows More Fruit Imports

China's Customs recently announced that it will allow fresh durian from Vietnam and dragon fruit from Ecuador.

China Sets Out Details for Importing Brazilian Peanuts

China's Customs announced that it is now allowing imports of peanuts from Brazil, effective immediately.
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