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Paxlovid in China: A Debate on Compulsory Licensing

After the failure by Pfizer and the Chinese government to reach an agreement on including COVID medicine Paxlovid in the state health insurance plan, there are some discussions in China on whether compulsory licensing is justified as cases are surging in the nation.

Chinese Manufacturing, Investment Uncertain Due to Covid Controls

As data on China's manufacturing and service sectors shows a contraction in November, its future as a manufacturing giant and foreign business destination may depend on whether the government can walk a fine line between safeguarding its people's health and safety while resuming most business and

Chinese Officials Strive to Stabilize Foreign Investment, But Can They?

Chinese officials are making an effort to stabilize major foreign investments in the nation, but some key obstacles and challenges for foreign investors, as illustrated by recent comments from European and American business groups and experts, seem unlikely to be resolved in the near future.

China Drops Some COVID-Related Import Measures

China's Customs agency and health authorities recently announced that they will lift COVID test requirements on some imports and abolish the practice of emergency import suspension when goods have tested positive for COVID. This change addresses an issue that trading partners, including the United States, have complained about

U.S. Reiterates Concerns over Chinese Covid and Overseas Food Regulation Measures

In recent submissions at a WTO Committee, the United States has reiterated some of its previously raised concerns about specific Chinese food regulations.

Chinese Premier Stresses Importance of Trade amidst Government Policies to Facilitate Trade and Supply Chain

During a nation-wide teleconference designed to stabilize the economy, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang emphasized the importance of supporting and enhancing foreign trade and investment. His statements came alongside some new government measures that aim to stabilize and boost foreign trade.

Beijing Outlines Measures to Stabilize Supply Chains, Creating Company White List; Shanghai Is First to Test

During a recent virtual meeting, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He announced multiple measures to stabilize domestic supply chains. This is the most recent effort by the Chinese central government to ensure economic growth, as many cities in China are under some level of lockdown. While the implementation measures remain to
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