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Scholars Outline Implications of Intensified Government Screening of Chinese Investments

In a piece about a forthcoming law journal article, several Australian professors provide an overview of developments related to government screening of Chinese foreign investments around the world, focusing on the political, economic, and legal implications.

Think Tank Paper Explores Chinese Financial Moves in Portugal, Emergence of "CCP Inc."

A new think tank paper looks at how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been actively shaping Chinese foreign investment in Portugal through influence over nominally private financial companies, and forcing these companies to be more closely aligned with CCP goals.

MERICS Report on Managing China’s Economic Coercion

In a new paper entitled "Fasten your seatbelts: How to manage China’s economic coercion" published by European think tank MERICS, authors Aya Adachi, Alexander Brown and Max J. Zenglein offer a number of insights into the use of economic coercion by the Chinese government and how it has affected

New Law Journal Article Examines Chinese Sanctions Regime

In a recent law journal article, law professor Timothy Webster describes the Chinese sanctions regime, the Western sanctions mechanisms that inspired it, and also its deviation from Western goals.

Law Journal Article Looks at Concurrent Proceedings under Chinese BITs and Domestic Courts

A recent article in the ICSID Review examines a German investment in China, and how a government expropriation was challenged in domestic courts and before an international tribunal.

New Fred Bergsten Book on U.S., China and Global Economic Leadership

At a Peterson Institute event last week, Fred Bergsten discussed his new book entitled "The United States vs. China: The Quest for Global Economic Leadership."

New Paper Examines China's Emerging Practice in Subsidizing New Energy Vehicles

A new paper by legal scholars Mandy Meng Fang and Weihuan Zhou offers an analysis of China’s "emerging practice in subsidizing the low carbon energy (LCE) transition by using the new energy vehicles (NEVs) industry as a case study." They describe a shift in priorities for Chinese subsidization of
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