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Raimondo Spells Out China "Guardrails" on CHIPS Act Funding

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo offered some comments yesterday on the implementation of the CHIPS Act's subsidies to semiconductor companies and how restrictions on investing in China might be applied.

EU One Step Closer to Finalizing Another Tool to Counter Chinese Subsidies

Last month, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament reached an agreement on an EU regulation on foreign subsidies that distort the internal EU market. The regulation still needs to be formally adopted by the European Council and the Parliament before it takes effect, but the substance

Solar CVD Review Raises Forced Labor Issues

In an annual review of a long-standing countervailing duty order on solar products, the petitioner in the case has made allegations that Chinese government actions related to forced labor should lead to a finding by the U.S. Commerce Department that a countervailable subsidy exists.

To Boost Economy, Local Governments in China Announce Various Subsidy Programs

In an effort to respond to the central government's call to expand domestic demand, local governments have kicked off various subsidy programs to boost sales of home appliances and electronic gadgets, as well as other consumption.

New Think Tank Report Considers Size of Chinese Industrial Subsidies, Compares to Other Countries

A new report published by the think tank CSIS attempts to quantify Chinese industrial subsidies and compares them to the subsidy levels of certain other industrialized countries. One of its core findings is that while all of these countries provide subsidies, China's subsidies are higher as a percentage of GDP.

WTO Subsidies Committee Meeting Discusses Chinese Industrial Subsidies, Overcapacity, and Transparency

At a recent WTO meeting, a number of countries pressed China on issues related to industrial subsidies, overcapacity, and transparency.

European Commission Finds that Chinese Subsidies to Indonesian Producer are Countervailable

In a decision today, the European Commission imposed definitive anti-subsidy duties on imports of stainless steel cold-rolled flat products originating in India and Indonesia at a rate of 7.5% for India and 21% for Indonesia. As part of the investigation related to Indonesia, the European Commission continued its practice
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