China-Mexico Relations

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Biden Administration Official Discusses Chinese Scanners at Mexico Border

At a think tank event yesterday, Assistant Secretary of State Todd Robinson discussed Chinese scanning equipment being used in operations at the Mexico-U.S. border, and emphasized the Biden administration's security and economic concerns with such a practice.

China-Mexico Trade in Banned Fish Products under Discussion in USMCA

Illegal fishing has led to trafficking in products of an endangered fish, with consequences for an endangered porpoise that swims near it. The trade in these products has been from Mexico to China, with the United States sometimes in the middle, and Mexican, Chinese, and American officials have been talking

Chinese and Mexican Officials Talk Trade and Investment

Chinese and Mexican trade officials had a high-level meeting earlier this week, during which they discussed trade issues and agreed to further cooperation on green investment and the digital economy.

Prospects for Chinese Mining of Lithium in Mexico

The Mexican government is moving towards more state involvement in the mining of its natural resources, including lithium. This policy shift will have implications for Chinese companies that have signed lithium mining contracts in Mexico.
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